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Örnek Resim Örnek Resim Örnek Resim Örnek Resim     Örnek Resim     Örnek Resim     Örnek Resim
Character Guides
Örnek Resim
Level 5 Sadness Text »Blue Wolf, Wild Dog
Level 10 Martial Text »Wild Boar, Red Wild Boar, Gray Wolf, Bear
Level 15 War Text »Gray Wolf, Alpha Gray Wolf, Brown Bear, Tiger
Level 20 Ambition Text »Black Bears, Brown Bears, White Tigers
Level 25 Black Text »White Oath Soldier, White Oath Archer
Level 30 Dark Text »Black Wind Military, Black Wind Archer
Level 35 Jealousy Text »Wild Archer, Wild General, Wild Infantry
Level 40 Spirit Text »Scorpio, Orc, Black Orc
Level 45 Shadow Text »Snake Archer, Snake Swordsman, Desert Haytudu, Scorpio
Level 50 Endurance Text »Sick Man, Sick Archer and Zombie Slots (Swordsman, Spearman)
Level 55 Demon Text »Elite Mystic Torturer, Haughty Dark Arahan, Haughty Dark Fanatic
Level 60 Curse Text »Tree Frog, Giant Frog Leader, Frog General
Level 65 Death Text »Magic Ice, Ice Beetle, Ice Man and Ice Slots (Yeti, Boz Golemi)
Level 70 Killer Text »Flame Warrior, Flame, Flame Ghost, War Tiger
Level 75 Pung-Ma Metin »Ghost Willow, Forest Fairy
Level 80 Ma-An Metin »Ghost Willow, Forest Fairy
Level 85 Tu-Young Metin »Red Forest Fairy, Red Ghost Willow
Level 90 Jeon-Flour Text »Red Evil Tree, Red Forest Fairy, Red Ghost Willow
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Örnek Resim
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