What are Biologist Tasks?

Metin2 TR and Metin2 Pvp server is one of the essential tasks of biologists.
What makes this task attractive are the awards it gives at the end of the task.
These prizes are unlimited permanent.
These awards, which are given in various ways, will make your tsar more powerful.
Of course, a lot of time spent among the first tasks.
In general, the desired objects are automatically notified to you in the biologist window. You can find out what you want by dropping the N key and opening the biologist task window.


Task Items
30Biologist Research 1
Ork Dişi x10 Jinunggyi nin Ruhtaşı+10% Hareket Hızı
Kırmızı Abanoz Sandık
40Biologist Research 2
Lanet Kitabı x15 Tapınağın Ruhtaşı+5% Saldırı Hızı
İhtişamlı Abanoz Sandık
50Biologist Research 3
Şeytan Hatırası x15 Sagynin Ruhtaşı+60 Savunma
Sarı Abanoz Sandık
60Biologist Research 4
Buz Topu x20 Aurtumryunun Ruhtaşı+50 Saldırı Değeri
Parlak Yeşil Abanoz Sandık
70Biologist Research 5
Zelkova Dalı x25 Gyimok un Ruhtaşı+11% Hareket Hızı
+10% Hasar Azaltma
Yeşil Abanoz Sandık
80Biologist Research 6
Tugyis Tabelası x30 Tugyis Ruhtaşı+6% Saldırı Hızı
+10% Saldırı Değeri
Mavi Abanoz Sandık
85Biologist Research 7
Krm.Hayalet Ağaç Dalı x40 Orman Ruhu Taşı10% Yarı insan savunması
Mor Abanoz Sandık
90Biologist Research 8
Liderin Notları x50 Liderin Ruhtaşı8% Yarı insan saldırı hasarı
Mavi Abanoz Sandık
92Seon-Pyeong Research 1
Kemgöz Mücevheri x10
  • 1.000 HP veya
  • 120 Savunma veya
  • 50 Saldırı Değeri
94Seon-Pyeong Research 2
Bilgelik Mücevheri x20
Beran-Setaou Ruhtaşı
  • 1.100 HP veya
  • 140 Savunma veya
  • 60 Saldırı Değeri

Örnek Resim

Örnek Resim  When the game was first opened, there was a lack of ability to use the skills of the shamans when they were warriors.