What is Puppy Box and Where Does it Fall?

Puppy Box Where does it fall?
♠ Razador
♠ Nemere
♠ Red Dragon
♠ Blue Dragon
♠ Meley
♠ Blue Death
♠ Lucifer
Puppy Box Code ♥ 38054
What comes out of the Kitten Box?
♥ Porki Seal
♥ Khan Seal
♥ Magical Metal
♥ Dragon Medal
♥ White Pearl
♥ Blood Red Pearl
♥ Blessing of Life
♥ Stone Art Book
♥ Passage Ticket
♥ Peach Blossom Syrup
♥ Blessing Paper
♥ Cooling Potion
♥ Leader Book
NOTE: Metin2 pvp server after the arrangements may vary. So some servers can only give Yavrucuk.

Örnek Resim

Örnek Resim  The Gameforge team knows all of these vulnerabilities. But it doesn't make you realize. Sometimes they get these gaps in little care. Did you know that there are still millions of game openings that they can't close now?