FreeBSD 9.2 +Mysql 5.5 Download

Today, I will share with you the source build "FreeBSD 9.2 - MySQL 5.5.33" installed "vdi" template, which was shared by a friend with the nickname "TheGame" in the "metin2dev" forum, where some of our friends have previously mentioned. Some of our friends will argue that they have been shared before, it is true that I do not deny it, but it is such an additional subject and not completely complete. I also noticed that some of our friends suffer from downloading it because the size of the file is quite large so none of them have uploaded it on their own.

I downloaded the file and came to the conclusion that the rar is not compressed well, I added 2 txt files to the contents of the installation and description of the most important source by specifying the archived and then archived again. But there are some small things that need to be done and details that need to be known.

After you have completed your installation in Virtual Box, many of you will try to log in from Filezilla, unfortunately you cannot provide FTP connection to Filezilla with FreeBSD, the program you should use is WinSCP. Also, this will probably give you a lib error when you install your files and open your game in FreeBSD because the libler is missing. I did not mention any of these in other matters, but I am making sure that all of them are addressed in a single issue. Below are the download links for FreeBSD, WinSCP and libs.

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Örnek Resim

Örnek Resim  Metin2 korean server has been shut down. So there were many players playing, whereas korea. A game company that shuts down the Korean server has shut down the Korean server for failing to disregard the effort and time spent on the game. What makes it clear if such a company can shut down the en server? If it is closed, the money we spend, who will give account of the game minutes?