[C ++] At Skill Bug Fixing

A bug that I have compiled and discovered on the server opened for the trial server is its fixing.




Change the Code Block.

 if(GetMountVnum())        {            if( !((GetMountVnum() >= 20101 && GetMountVnum() <= 20205)))                return true;        }                     if(GetMountVnum()) //Server filesinizde skill kodları farklı ise onları kendinize göre ayarlayın.        {            if( !((GetMountVnum() >= 20209 && GetMountVnum() <= 20212)    ||                GetMountVnum() == 20215 || GetMountVnum() == 20218 || GetMountVnum() == 20225    )    )                    return false;         }

Örnek Resim

Örnek Resim  Metin2 korean server has been shut down. So there were many players playing metin2.co.kr, whereas korea. A game company that shuts down the Korean server has shut down the Korean server for failing to disregard the effort and time spent on the game. What makes it clear if such a company can shut down the en server? If it is closed, the money we spend, who will give account of the game minutes?