Metin2 Book Codes

The text2 book codes we provide below can be imported into your inventory with the / i code command, or you can add them to any hollow npc. We have done some coloring in order to distinguish the codes well.
Shinsoo Language Book: 50312
Chunjo Language Book: 50315
Jinno Language Book: 50313

Conversion Book: 50314
Conversion Book 2: 50315
Conversion Book 3: 50316

Mining Book: 50600

Combo Book 1: 50304
Combo Book 2: 50305
Combo Book 3: 50306
Sun-zi martial art: 50301
Wu-zi martial art: 50302
WeiLiao-zi martial art: 50303

Task Book Easy: 50307/50318
Task Book Medium: 50308/50319
Task Book Difficult: 50309/50320
Task Book Expert: 50310/50321

Örnek Resim

Örnek Resim  When the game was first opened, the market name was only established when the market name appeared.