MT2Dosyalar Beta Web Register System # 2020

Hello MT2Dosyalar;

I want to share a system developed by MT2Dosyal. System I saw on a first in Turkey!

Firstly, in Classic Server Panels, the Register system works as follows!

Username, password, mail, security questions.

What distinguishes this system from others is that you will be able to do what the client does on the panel!

1) You will select your account flag when you register

2) You will be asked to choose a character (warrior, sura, ninja, straw)

3) You will be asked to choose your character (Girl / Boy)

4) You will be asked to give a name to the character you created in the game (the character name in the game)

5) Mail, User Name, Security Password will be required!

1) Log in to Navicat. You will create a new database. Name: mt2dosyalar
Then you will throw it into settings.sql

2) Navicat Log In account> throw account.sql in the downloaded file here

3) Navicat Sign In player> Download the player.sql file from here

4) ayarlar.php to be edited
5) kayit-sistemi/ayarlar.php to be edited

Homepage Image

Flag Selection Screen

Character Selection Screen

User Information Login Screen

Registration Information Screen

Navicat Account Section

Navicat Player Kısmı

From the Game Home Screen

Through the Game


Hesap Girişi Yapılmadan veya Siteye Kayıt Olmadan İndirme Linklerini ve Rar Şifresini Göremezsiniz !
You cannot see the Download Links and Rar Password without Account Login or Register!

Örnek Resim

Örnek Resim  Did you know that after Metin1 text2 is released? Metin1 is still open, but it's like mario.