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Metin2 Quests
Örnek Resim
Hello friends;

First of all, today's content is on the event map protection system ...

What is This Event Map Protection System?
-------------------------------------------------- ---
At the events, foreign flags will not be taken and they will not be able to kill weak characters!
Each character will participate in the event with its own flag, and no external flags will be accepted.
Each flag player will be able to enter the dedicated Event zone
If there is no event, the map will be closed and no player will be able to enter the event zone
Event entries are opened by GM. When opened, the map will open and you will be able to go to the event area
When the event entries are activated by GM, the flags will be announced!
NOTE: Flags See Their Map Name.
Example: Blue Flag: Blue Flag Event Map Region
Example: Red Flag: Red Flag Event Map

INFO: Let's say the map map character is out of the game. All Players Teleported to Villages. The player who leaves the game starts again on the event map. However, even if he enters the game again with this system, the map will automatically beam to the city as it is closed.

Log in to Filezilla.

The contents of the Quest folder inside the downloaded file
cd / usr / game / share / locale / turkey / quest
You then log in to Putty and write these codes

cd / usr / game / share / locale / turkey / quest

Then you are logged in to Fileez 20089 / chat / Filezilla
You are entering this Location
cd / usr / game / share / locale / turkey / quest / object / 20089 / chat
you enter the contents after entering ...

Then you become Putty Login and write

cd /usr/game/share/locale/turkey/quest

IMPORTANT NOTE: if pc.get_map_index ()> = 200 is the Code of the Map to Do 200 Events in Section. Replace this with the Index of your own Map.
Then pull / reload q from the game
You can check by doing / m 20089 ....

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Örnek Resim
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