34K Middle Labor Files

Game Version; 34084
Db Version; 33820
Client Version; 34669

BSD Version Works; 9.2
Mysql Edition; 5.5
It works on both 32bit-64bit.

Same as the messages I opened in time after this section
I just wrote the upper part of the information now.

34084 I think I've done everything that can be done in a game. Good luck.

70-130 Middle Labor Style.

All Systems are set, you just need to install and edit mob_drop_item.txt.

First of all I've been using the net for friends for about 2 years before that I opened 3 times 2 times named followmt2
at one time, oraclemt2 named 34084 files now I can not go any longer that I can not go to the limit point I did not come to the source because it was not as popular as before so now I decided to share my files first of all I bought a forum with the name of the forum I'm going to give the first text 2 output

there was no system attached at this time 1-105 only item until beta had nothing else
I changed the game db for assurance purposes. apart from that, you will see that mysql size is too small.
item proto is completely in Turkish. The client is 100% clean occasionally keeps log but does not cause major problems.

????????? errors are minimized.
Files Properties;

-Pet and Costume System
(More than 200 Costumes and 45 Pet Pets are active)
-Single CH Dragon System (Trouble-free)
- Smoothly Devil's Tower (Fix Throwing Problem)
- Smooth Catacombs (Fix bugs on doors)
-Biologist System (last 4 duty term.)
-Game Custom Coded NP System (Conversion items and gives the pet)
-Service Ring (Game-Specific Not the same as Shared.)
-Paromenon System Active (All cars are active and can be shot on)
-Start Pack (70 starts and gives the necessary items and deletes the chest)
-Sebnem System (Adds indefinitely on top in the beginning)
- Item DELETE System in old women and inventory
Gamemaster Coat of Arms (Click to review)
-VIP System-KRAL LONCA-KRAL OYUNCU, Self-Encoding System (Click to review)
-Automatic backup system
-Automatic Drop opening system
-About Game system (located in the Task field.)
-2 pieces of enchanted boots
- Guild Warehouse System
-Approved Inventory Display System
-PM Writes Seen System
-Warehouse Yang System
-Fast channel system
- Account Registration System
- Bonus display system (Integrated to C Key)
-Market Log System
- Indication of hole can '% of monsters
-HP-SP System
-Game Length changed from hour to day.
- When the studio is full & 90 full view is made 100%.

-Mini map shape Changed.
-The interface was completely en-type.
-The flag button in the color of the binding section and the level of the button.
- Colorful yang indicator
-New TYPE Fast Equipment Display
-Fast ch system in ESC Menu and F6 Key
-Auto cape system (Integrated to F7 Key)
-Full screen open-close System (Integrated to F8 Key)
-The text stone detector is unlimited.
- Screen display is active (with PRT SC SYSRQ Key)
-Character Clothes Appearance changed.

I've fixed all the usual bugs.

- Statu max-95.
- The maximum rating score is 30000.
- Item number in the inventory is 250 pieces.
- Item reflection is active unless there is a sphere of vision.
Unnecessary sqls that log in Mysql are closed with dif.
-Map allow the number of replicated can optionally add maps.
- The problem of not eating poison in the witch is fixed.
-Antiflag values are adjusted according to the game.
-The chance of passing the item is 100% for each item.

Unnecessary events have been removed, there are quests that will not disturb the course of the game.
puzzle calligraphy pet box etc. quests are active.
- Abusive words are blocked from game.py (same as edit)
-The duration of the pets is 3 days.
-Costing period is 7 days.

I do not think there is a lot more I wrote one by one counting my mind counting one by one, you will see when you look. Finally, I will say this. The new maps and creatures in tr are active.

Now let's go to Pictures I could not take every part. Already download and review;

Client size; 484 MB
Game.tar.gz Size; 10 MB
mysql.tar.gz Size; 700 odd kilobytes

Character İD: 01
Pass : 12345

Setup ; Open start.sh and change the string that says there or the start command will not work.
You do not need to open the root file. the lib folder will be in the arc folder for its ip.cfg window.cfg login.cfg
just edit them.

Furthermore, all of the msm and image images in uiscript and root have been moved to the ymir work folder in the locale. You can do it when you make editing.

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Örnek Resim

Örnek Resim  Every trick was running when the game first opened. For example, when you cheat yourself with black steel armor + 9, the defender was working on everything and everyone could see it.