[Frozen Files] Reversible / 6 Stone / Pet-Costume / New Map / Ch Without Fall

* Close the p2p vulnerability.
When the locked item is placed in the guild store, the lock goes.
* Resolve monsterload error
this much.

important: write your own "ip" in adminiples in "configs".
Change pk server: 1 to pk server: 0.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----

System Information;
Frebsd: 9.2
Mysql: 5.5

Game Features;
Game: 40k
DB: 40K

Client Features;
Client: 40k
Granny: 2.9
Python: 2.7

Fix and Add New Features

Auto Pot Bug Fix.
Fix Armor Change Plug Bugu.
Fix Emotions Bugu.
Fix Status Reset Bugu.
Pets Added Horses Passing Through Markets.
Added% to Mobs.
Added Tags to Administrators.
Fix Crate Opening Bugu.
Fix Costume Bugu.
Party Bugu Fix.
Fix Magical Weapon and Air Sword Bugu.
Oxda Skill Unopened Added.
Added Ox Chat Block.
Fix Free Pickup.
Name Cheat Fix.
10 Seconds After Trading Removed.
Guild Setup and Entering Time Removed.
Edit Wearing Barrier Added.
Campfire Bug Fix.
In Fishing Areas Pvp Blocked.
Pots and Arrows Cloak Detector Made Unlimited.
Guild Agent System Added.
Bar Bug Fixed.
Yang Bug Fixed.
Added 100% Stone Enchantment and Blessing Sphere Pass.
Enchant Time Has Been Removed.
Sebnem Bugs Completely Fixed.
Biologist Written From Scratch One Click From Seamless.
All known vulnerabilities and bugs fixed.

You can sit by typing / oturs.


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Örnek Resim

Örnek Resim  Metin2 korean server has been shut down. So there were many players playing metin2.co.kr, whereas korea. A game company that shuts down the Korean server has shut down the Korean server for failing to disregard the effort and time spent on the game. What makes it clear if such a company can shut down the en server? If it is closed, the money we spend, who will give account of the game minutes?