Nugano Server Files 2019

Some Features

Stone enchanted items are available on NPCs

Names may contain special characters (eg / * -_ \ @)

The status is complete with a single click.

I don't know if the ancient enchantment was added with 5 tabs

Items requested in biologist positions 1

Added information to Biologist

Added new costumes, gun slips

Location recording system

Title system

Remote npc system

I have many more features that I don't have in mind, but if friends test it, they will understand.

Own written features:

1. Official Pet System
2. Invasive Biologist System
3. New generation storage inventory (K)
4. Bk Clearing System
5. 4 Inventory
6. Wearing Pet System in Inventory
7. The Following Passenger System
8. Mirroring System
9. New Generation Bugless Blue Dragon
10. Automatic Hunting System
11. Remote NPC System
12. Conversion Market System
13. Event System
14. Title System
15. Location Recording System
16. Security System
17. Official item lock System
18. Official Arrow bag system
19. Official Seamless Alchemy System
20. New Chest Opening System
21. Shoulder Belt System
22. Bk Transfer System
23. Blessing in Inventory Reflecting Dragon Power Skill
24. Official Won System
25. Hassle-Free Offline Shop System
26. Cashmere Package Decoration System
27. Dungeon Information System
28. Talisman System
29. Level 5 Automated Skill Selection
30. Guild General System
31. Guild Meeting System
32. Guild Agent System
33. Belt System

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Örnek Resim

Örnek Resim  Every trick was running when the game first opened. For example, when you cheat yourself with black steel armor + 9, the defender was working on everything and everyone could see it.