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Örnek Resim Örnek Resim Örnek Resim Örnek Resim     Örnek Resim     Örnek Resim     Örnek Resim
Metin2 Technical Support
Örnek Resim
Hello friends;

You want to change the creatures in the villages on your server? Let us offer you the solution!


In other words, there are dogs and bears in the blue flag. You change them and say 1.koy'ra grim reaper, blue dragon, or other creatures.


Log in to Filezilla.

Enter / usr / game / share / locale / turkey / map; If you want to change the creatures in the map, enter that section. Let me share the map files in Turkish.

gm_guild_build --------------------- Gm map
map_n_snowm_01 ---------------- Sohan
map_n_snowm_02 ---------------- 2nd place Sohand ???
map_n_threeway ------------------ Valley
text2_map_a1 ---------- 1koy in red Valley.
text2_map_a3 ---------------- Red 2koy
put text2_map_b1 -------------------- yellow 1
put text2_map_b3 -------------------- yellow 2
text2_map_c1 --------------------- blue 1koy
text2_map_c3 ---------------------- blue 2koy
metin2_map_deviltower1 ------------- Tower
text2_map_duel --------------------- WS field
metin2_map_guild_01 ---------------- Guild Savas red place
metin2_map_guild_02 ----------------- Guild Warfare yellow place
metin2_map_guild_03 ---------------- Guild War Blue place
------------------- temple metin2_map_milgyo
temple of metin2_map_milgyo_a
metin2_map_monkey_dungeon --------- Meek Monkey dungeon
metin2_map_monkey_dungeon_11 ------ The Meek Monkey Dungeon 2
metin2_map_monkey_dungeon_12 ------ The Dents Monkey dungeon 3
metin2_map_monkey_dungeon_13 ------ The Meek Monkey dungeon 4
text2_map_monkey_dungeon2 --------- normal monkey dungeon
metin2_map_monkey_dungeon3 --------- Difficult monkey dungeon
--------------- desert metin2_map_n_desert_01
text2_map_n_flame_01 --------------- satisfaction
metin2_map_n_flame_02 --------------- Second satisfaction
text2_map_nusluck01 ------------------ snakfield 2
metin2_map_oxevent ------------------- OX
metin2_map_skipia_dungeon_01 --------- 1 layer of ice
metin2_map_skipia_dungeon_02 --------- Ice 2 katmetin2_map_skipia_dungeon_011 -------- A place in the ice dungeon2_map_skipia_dungeon_012 ------- A place in the ice dungeon2_map_skipia_dungeon_013 ------- Ice in a dungeon_013 ------- ice dungeon_013 ------- ----- A place in the ice dungeon2_map_skipia_dungeon_022 ------- A place in the ice dungeon2_map_skipia_dungeon_023 -------- A place in the ice dungeon2_map_skipia_dungeon_022 --------- orumcek dungeon floor 1
metin2_map_spiderdungeon_02 --------- orumcek dungeon floor 2
metin2_map_sungzi --------------------- Sunzi Map
metin2_map_sungzi_desert_01 ---------- 3 ways of war
metin2_map_sungzi_desert_hill_01 ------ 3 ways war
---------------------- metin2_map_trent Lungsa
metin2_map_trent02 --------------- ---- Red wood
metin2_map_wedding _-------------- Wedding salon
--------------------- metin2_map_wl_01 Snakfield
For example, I want to change the slots in the blue flag 1.köy. ! Then I enter / usr / game / share / locale / turkey / map / metin2_map_c1. Edit the regen.txt file according to your head.


r 360 425 10 10 0 3 s 100 1 101
101 is the mob (creature) code. So 101 dog code. You will add it to whatever creature you will code it, save it and upload it to FTP!
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Örnek Resim
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