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Metin2 Technical Support
Örnek Resim
Hello MT2Dosyalar;
We will give you a few explanations of the account section at Navicat!

What is the Account Section?

The Account section represents the registration part of your server. The information of the registered accounts is recorded here. So it is a bit of an ID Card Division.

What are the tables in Account?

id: Identity Card Number So Think Like TC Identity Number
login: Username
password: account password encrypted with md5
real_name: The real name - last name of the registrant
email: registered email address
If status: OK, the account is active.
coins: EP Amount in Your Account
web_admin: Site Panel If you are an administrator (9), you can access the admin panel.
last_play: The last time the account was last played

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Örnek Resim
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