About Navicat Player

At Navicat we will give you a few explanations of the player section!

What is the PLAYER section?

The PLAYER section is the place where your server's data is stored.

What are the tables in PLAYER?

I mean, where your character is registered, Place where items, Place where mobs, and more.

guild: Guild registration data
horse_name: Data of horse names in the game
item_attr: Enchantment data
item_proto: Data for all items in the game
mob_proto: Data of all creatures in the game
player: Data for all characters in the game
Shop: Data of the NPCs in the game
shop_item: Data of items in NPCs in the game
Skill_proto: Skill data
player index: Map Coordinates data with characters

Örnek Resim

Örnek Resim  Trade hackers can actually be done, but this is a serveride hack instead, and therefore no one handed it to the lawyer who knows what kind of legal crimes will commit.