Publishing In-Game Conversations on the Site

Logic works as follows. What you write in the game shouting on your site you will be able to see these conversations live! However, it is necessary for the log tables to keep records.

You can view the Channel, History, Flag, and Talking person, and speech content on the site.

Örnek Resim

Örnek Resim  Previously full moon or something 400k 300k or even 100k was expensive to those who call it. Then the yang trick. Everybody made 1t 2t with yang tricks. Then all those who used yang tricks and those who didn't use righteous unfair ban ate. Managers banned the center with a 1t fire. Yet another man's labor with the labor market to sell items and sell items up to 1t if he meant what was the man's labor? Here, after the money trick, markets swelled up everything was like 1m - 10m - 30m - 25m.